Sound Investment Studio



iTVGroup has partnered with the Sound Investment Studio to create the pro-audio, music and sound design for all your media projects. Together, we're the creative listeners that bring the sounds of your business communication to life. You always get clean, crisp, clear results that are captured and positioned in the mix right where they’ll provide the greatest listener experience. Whether its on location or in the studio, iTVGroup and Sound Investment Studio is sound fidelity.-cr copy

From original soundscore to licensed production music we live up to the iTVGroup brand reputation.  Big budget look ans sound.  Lower budget price.  So if your project benefits from a high quality, low cost, relaxed environment to multi-track your sonic vision, we offer a private studio with impressive equipment and equally impressive rates. Whether you’re a solo artist or a 10 piece band, we also accommodate all of your musical requests.

Call us for package rates and booking information.