Welcome To Our New Studio

welcome1Get the Big Picture. For Less.

At the new iTVGroup - Sound Investment Studio our production structure is different. The offers are unique. Your experience will be better. We’re dedicated to creating high quality audio/ visual and internet products and services for prices and quality that won't be beat in Metro Detroit.

As a studio of independent professionals we are stronger united than as individuals. We bring your business the most seasoned producers, directors, writers, and on-screen talent each having many years of experience. We are proud to provide some of the best motion graphics in the industry and broadcast quality video for television, internet, mobile and DVD. Even our world class production music is often under $50 per project. Our creative team consists of only proven talented people having a strong passion for helping clients and companies communicate in today's rapidly evolving electronic marketplace.  We believe that people with passion and change the world for the better!

We do all this for you by bringing proven talent, attractive offers and real business solutions. We just happen to make some really great audio/ video and internet products too. Better than most in our market we believe.


iTVGroup and Sound Investment Studio provides:


- Custom Websites, Template Websites, Licensed Website Design, Web Hosting, Website Management

- Content Management Systems, Internet Stores, SSL Certificates, WordPress, Blogs, Forums, Media Galleries

- Social Network Engineering, Social Network Content Management, SEO Management

- Ad Words, Ad Sense, Google Analytics


- Broadcast, Multicast, Mobile, Streaming and Internet Video

- Video Editing, Compositing, Broadcast Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Set Extensions, 3d Animation, and Green Screen

- Large Cyclorama Studio, with Camera Crane and Motorized Head, SteadiCam, and Green Screen Facilities

- Voice Over Talent, Voice Actors, and Spokespeople/ Spokesmodels, Brand Ambassadors


- Music Production, Music Videos, and Production Music

- Sound Design, Soundscore, Sound Effects, ADR, Foley, Remote Field Audio


- Graphics, Motion Graphics, 3d Design. Print, Over-Sized Print, Vinyl Lettering


- Producers, Directors, Writers, Cinematographers, Casting Directors

- Actors and Extras.


- Public Locations and Location Management, Location Scouting

- Marketing Management, Project Management, Media Distribution Purchasing


Let us help you to give your target audience a sound-vision about your brand.
Contact us today, introduce yourself and we’ll show you why the iTVGroup - Sound Investment Studio should fit into your business communication strategy.