Informercials Under $1,000

welcome2-infomrclwelcome3-infomrclShow Your Business in a New Light with Infomercials Under $1,000.


Have your new website infomercial professionally shot and edited for under $1,000. The iTVGroup - Sound Investment Studio has created an exciting, affordable new offer for small businesses. It’s been proven that video has more impact than text or even images on your website. And now with fiber optic internet, digital billboards, mobile devices and cable TV there isn't anywhere on the planet that video can not reach.

Have your business presented to website visitors with a powerful impression only video can project to its viewers. Each guest will learn more about your location, products and services than ever before. Give them the chance to look around your facility and to see your brand in action.

We offer our upgradable small business starter package for under $1,000. Contact us today and discover how simple, effective and affordable video is for your business.