Cyclorama Studio


Let Cyclorama Add The Drama.

When it comes to creating a big budget look for your next project the cyclorama wall is one of the industry’s highest standard techniques. The iTVGroup - Sound Investment Studio is proud to present our new in-house cyclorama studio.

Our professional cyclorama studio is now available for projects and for guest rentals. Lighting, HD cameras, camera crane with motorized head & controllers, glidecam, camera operators, writers, producers and directors are all available to enhance your cyclorama experience.

The “Cyc” consists of two walls with a corner. The dimensions are 20' w x 18' w x 13' h, with a 32” radius and includes a truck door for easy loading access. The space can be rented by the hour, half-day, full-day, and multi-day packages available.

Let us know about your project requirements and we will paint the cyc walls green, blue or any color your project may require. Upon request, we can also include an after effects file that has a plot point environment established for compositing your set extensions, set replacements, etc. You will need to use a 3-D point tracker like The Foundry's 3d Camera Tracker and Match Mover software for this file. Let us know if you would like to learn more about our Camera Tracker and Match Mover services.

Call today and inquire about availability and rates. 734-469-4488.