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For almost 15 years the Interactive Television Group (iTVGroup) has been delivering high quality business communication and entertainment media products on schedule and on budget. We now offer a full HD facility with a cyclorama studio, camera cranes, motorized head, Glidecam V-16 Pro, shooting on Canon 60D's, Sony EX3's, Sony EX1's and the new Sony FS-100. The technical stuff you may not be familiar with, but its all needed to position your marketing message with the impact and memorability factor needed in today’s crowded markets.

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Having created TV shows like "Dining In The D", "You're Busted", "Check-Mate TV", "The Honeyspooners", "Rollin' On" and others, also gives us the long form scripted experience to shoot your corporate communications, webisodes or cable TV programming.  Our senior producers come from careers of servicing national brand accounts from the biggest regional agencies, and bring with them a string of successful national campaigns.

When combined with our exciting licensing programs, and the capacity to deliver 4:2:2 color @ 280mbps or higher, our video can be distributed

on The Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel...almost any network you want to distribute your video with.  This also means your internet video will surpass most online.

If you choose to take your message to broadcast, we also offer a media purchasing specialist that will go to the cable companies on your behalf and negotiate for your most potent distribution plan.  The iTVGroup really is your one stop vendor for business communication and media arts.

Over the last several years business communication has evolved more aggressively than ever before in history; and its still evolving swiftly.  If you feel your business is not adequately positioned for today's new revenue opportunities, please introduce yourself and find out more about the challenges your company faces in today's online economy.   Our internet department develops everything from simple websites to sophisticated content management systems, e-commerce sites, community and continuity revenue sites. We also provide Social Networkork Engineering, Cross-Channel Marketing, Mobile Internet Development, and all the web hosting, content development, and website maintenance needs your projects may require.

All this creativity happens under one roof. A place where you can sit back, relax and watch your project in the making, or let us take the lead and come back to see a finished product that gets results, and that you will be proud of.